Member's Page

All Club Member's are invited to send in their favourite photo or photos of their Griffons for inclusion on this page.  Please email to [email protected] or send to the contact address.
Remember to include some details about your dog(s) and where the photo was taken.

 Our Griffons and Company

Right:  Lily (Stafford) and Minnie sharing their bed and on the right Merlin, Loki, Evie and in the very front is Gnasher
'Mam, it's cold outside.'
Jean & Bob Potts
Above left:  Rudy and Olly on their favourite chair.  Above right:  Rudy, Olly & Desie and below with Buddy too!
​Wendy Duncan
A proud Buddy Duncan with Wendy's Mother after Pat a Dog duties.
Wendy Duncan
'The Chin jumped over the Griffon'
Walking at Tentsmuir Beach.  
Leanne Lindsay & Carol Mackenzie

 Lottie taken by my friend Rob, she is about 14 Weeks old here.
Joan Fernyhough

There were eight Griffons on the bench and the little one said.'​
'There is no room, for mum!'
​Jane Conway
Willis, the rough in the middle who was 'a dog in a lifetime.' with the equally loved Ruben and Teddybear at play in their garden and at the seaside.
Susan and Pauline Jamieson
Gryff and Russ Cameron, an adorable pair who are together now at the bridge.
Julie & Syvia Cameron
Russ with his wee pal Dante, also pictured at the top of the page looking very dapper in his kilt.
Julie & Sylvia Cameron.