2017 Open Show Critique

Sincere thanks to the Committee for the opportunity to judge at this well run show. A very warm welcome was evident for all, excellent hospitality and a good entry. 

I forgave certain,  specific faults so as not to  compromise on the correct 'cobby' type, conformation, movement and heads that shouted 'Griffon'. 
My BIS and RBIS were litter brother and sister who reflected what I was looking for from the entry.  Both Black and Tan smooths so couldn't hide anything! Interestingly the BPIS was also Black and Tan smooth so another bit of History was surely created!

Veteran Dog (2.1)

1.  Duncan's Rhodon Sunny Jim
Red , smooth dog now aged 10.5 years. Lively and bright with a good temperament.
Square in profile with a level top line. Typical head with good, open nostrils and large nose pad.  Age now beginning to show in his movement.
Pleased to see him enjoying his day out. 

Puppy Dog (1)

1.  Hughes and Crawfords's Beauborne Crusader
Black and Tan smooth with a fabulous temperament and character. 
Super head with ample chin, good turn up and good lay back to the nose. Head enhanced by well set and carried ears. Moved well , just needs time to 'fill his frame'. Would prefer a higher set tail to complete the picture. 
Well handled and presented by a new owner/ exhibitor. Will watch his future with interest. 

Junior Dog (2)

1.  Mackay's Osthaen Rumpelstiltskin
Red,rough dog of good type and quality. Lovely, very typical head set off by small, well carried ears and expressive,  dark eyes. In profile has a good reach of neck and high set tail. Well angulated and moved soundly. Good coat in excellent condition. RBD

2.  Potts' Adreeam The Magician
Black, rough dog, now beginning to mature. Different type to '1' and for me, just not enough of him. 
Lovely expressive, open face with small, high set ears. Short in body with a level topline but not  the reach and drive of '1'. 
Excellent coat and well presented. 

Graduate Dog (2.1)
1.  Mackay's Feigusch Call Me Nicklaus At Osthaen
Red, rough dog that stood well in profile giving a balanced picture. Good topline and tail set. Didn't have the reach and drive that his shape suggested. 
Pleasing head with well carried, small ears. Very well presented. 

Limit Dog (2)
1.  Murray's Grajenco Royal Male With Murroch
Red, smooth dog of a very 'cobby' type, now mature and looking at his best. Good shape in profile but more reach of neck would finish the picture.   Expressive face with good chin and  turn up. Lovely dark eye. Would prefer smaller, higher set ears. 
Moved very smartly with a well set and carried tail.

2.  Duncan's Castafiore Noir Desire
Black, smooth dog now a veteran. Longer cast than '1' and not the balance. Would prefer a higher tail set and stronger topline. Pleasing head with a lovely temperament. 
Glad to see him enjoying himself! 

Open Dog (2)

1.  Mackenzie's Ch. Grajenco Klass Act At Calanru ShCM
Mature, rough dog that stood and moved well in profile. In good coat but not the clearest of reds given his 'belge' coat pattern. 
Good tail set that is balanced by a good reach of neck but not quite as 'square' as I was looking for.  Pleasing head with a good width to his bottom jaw. A handsome, quality exhibit.

2.  Scott's Samarander Luther King
Black, smooth dog of a very different type to '1' in being much smaller and finer.Not the maturity. Typical head with lovely dark, expressive eyes. Balanced when moving in profile. Good tail set and level topline. 

Veteran Bitch (4.2)

1.  Potts' Cicely  Confederate
Mature red, smooth bitch of 8 years. Well balanced , level topline and moved well. 
In good coat of a rich colour. Typical, pretty head enhanced by well set ears.More reach of neck would have finished the picture. Shows extremely well. BVIS

2.  Scott's Jaydean Black Petal Of Samaranda 
Black, rough bitch of 11.5 years who was really enjoying herself! Not the balance of '1' in profile and movement. Would prefer a higher tail set to improve the required square shape. Pretty head and lovely small ears. 

Junior Bitch (1)

1.  Mackay's Osthaen Maleficent
Red, rough bitch in lovely coat and condition.Pretty head with a very typical Griffon expression! Soft, dark eyes , good turn up and excellent width of jaw. Very well balanced and a super square shape. Good bone. Moved well without exaggeration . A quality bitch.

Graduate Bitch (1)

1.  Davidson's Tantori Tickled Pink
Red, smooth bitch of a very good colour. Pleasing, typical head. Good turn up and ample chin. Smart and balanced on the move with a level topline. Lovely neat feet.

Post Graduate Bitch (3)

1.  Mackay's Beauview Thunder Thighs
Black and Tan smooth enhanced by richly coloured markings.A bitch of the highest quality. Square and cobby with a level topline. Well carried tail balanced by a good reach of neck. Very pretty, correct head with a 'naughty' expression! Small, high set ears to set it all off. 
Moved very well  in profile. Would just like her to be ever so slightly longer in the leg.That said,  a very worthy BB and BIS

2.  Prout and Smith's Tantori Tutti- Frutti
Red, smooth bitch who lost out on maturity in this class. Nicely balanced both in profile and on the move. Pleasing, expressive face with a good eye, nose placement and turn up. 
Good colour and coat. Would prefer a higher tail set and needs time to body up. 

3.  Scott's Samaranda Merry Dancer

Limit Bitch (4.3)

1.  Scott's Samaranda 's Merry Mayhem
Black, rough bitch who won this class on her movement. Good harsh coat. Very typical head enhanced by lovely small ears. Lovely temperament. Tail set could be higher. 

2.  Murray's Cicely Cote Dior at Osthaen 
Red, rough bitch who is a real Show girl. Well proportioned but not enough of her. Lovely head with such expressive, large eyes. Good topline and well set tail. A smart picture in profile. A super personality! 

3.  Mackenzie's Beauview Rumour Has It

Open Bitch (4.1)

1.  Prout and Smith's Grajenco Dotcom At Tantori
Mature, red smooth Bitch who is now at her best. A smart showgirl who moves freely. Good topline and tail set. Pretty, typical head but would prefer more width to her underjaw. Very well presented. 

2.  Kirkwood's  Grajenco Miss Saigon
Red, rough bitch of a very different type to '1'. Lovely head with good nose placement and expressive face. Presented very well. A higher tail set would enhance the picture. Well off for bone. 

3.  Scott's Samaranda Has A Dream

Open Smooth D/B (1)

1.  Prout and Smith's Gilderoak By Royal Command at Grajenco
Mature red, smooth dog. Nicely balanced and moved freely. Typical head but would prefer more width to his underjaw. Good tail set and topline. Clearly enjoyed his day! 

Special Open R/R D/B
1.  Kirkwood's Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only
A cobby bitch who moved soundly. Won the class by being more square and shorter in the loin than her litter brother who was placed second. Balanced in angulation and moved freely. Pleasing head with a lovely width to her underjaw. Would prefer smaller and higher set ears. Tail set could be higher but carried well. 

2.  Mackenzie's Gilderoak James Bond

Very similar to his litter sister and  certainly the same in type. Similar comments apply. Very well angulated and a free mover. Harsh coat and well presented. 

3.  Murray's Cicely Cote Dior At Osthaen

Special Open Black (1)

1.  Potts' Adreeam Bkack Magic ShCm
Black, rough dog with a lovely, harsh coat. Shown in excellent condition. Very handsome head with a lovely expression. Small ears to die for both in set and carriage. Good topline that he retained on the move. Bone in proportion with his size and super tight feet. 

Special Open B/T D/B

1.  Mackay's Beauview Thunder Thighs

2.  Murray's Beauview Special Delivery
Smooth boy that is oh so 'cobby' and square. Super topline and lovely crest to his neck. Along with his litter sister the best movers of the day. Very good head with good width to his underjaw , ample chin and a very naughty expression. A higher tailset would complete the picture. 
Pleased to award him BOS and RBIS

3.  Mackenzie's Beauview Rumour Has it

Junior Handling Critique

Under 11 (1)

1.  Miya Kirkwood - aged 4.
Miya handled a Black and Tan Rough bitch.
She was a little shy and hesitant to begin with, but soon gained confidence when moving around the ring. At the end of the class she was smiling and ready to do it all again! She is showing excellent potential. I will watch her future with interest! 

Over 11 (1)

1.  Amy Davidson
Amy handled a red,smooth bitch with great confidence.
She moved with correct speed to match the pace of her dog.
She stood her well on the table and demonstrated a good knowledge of her dog.
She ensured that she stood , in the ring, to show her off to her best advantage and gently corrected her when not quite 'square'. 
She has a clear understanding of Show Ring procedures. 
I trust that she will continue to pursue her interest in Junior Handling. 

Best Junior Handler

Julia Spittle (Judge)