​Club History

The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland was born at a meeting of Scottish Breeders and owners held in Edinburgh on Thursday 26th April 1950 at 3.00pm to discuss the formation of a separate Club for Scotland.  Ten interested owners were present and the late Mrs Corrie was voted to chair the meeting.  

At this meeting it was unanimously agreed on the proposal of the late Miss Duncan, seconded by the late Mrs Killey that a Club be formed.

An application to the Kennel Club was made and the annual subscription was set at 10/6 (52.5p) now that we are decimal.

A number of Cups and Trophies were gifted at this meeting and many are still on offer at todays shows.

The first President was the late Baron Marchand who, due to failing health resigned in 1956.

Approval by the Kennel Club was received on 22nd November 1951, after being advertised in the October issue of the Kennel Gazette.  This brought great joy to the late Miss J M Stuart (Molach) who worked very hard to establish the Griffon here in Scotland and although residing south of the border for many years before her passing, the interest of this Club was closest to her heart and on learning that we had been granted Championship Status after 30 years, she made a handsome donation to the Club.  The memory of this wonderful lady will live forever in the annals of our Club.  

At the AGM in March 1954 it was agreed that now that there were sufficient numbers of Griffons in Scotland, an Open Show should now be held annually.  The first show was held on 12th June 1954 in the Oddfellows Hall, Edinburgh, the Judge being the late Mrs Broomfield.

In the early years prior to the Club holding its own shows, generous sponsorship was offered to any Club in Scotland with classes for Griffons. Classifications were selected and agreed at the shows in Scotland where Certificates were on offer i.e. SKC and Ayr.  Although new Certificates were on offer in the early years the late Mrs Watters (MacRaes Bramble of Edinample) brought fame to Scotland by being the first Scottish bred Champion and in 1955 was top Griffon of the year for the whole country. The late Mrs Kelly's (Elfterion Robert) was made up in 1955, he was however bred in Ireland.  The late Miss Duncan had a Champion (Model of Ifield).

Over the years Club Members residing in Scotland to make up Champions include Mrs Ruby Taylor, Mrs M Y Reid (2) and Mrs M Wood (2), one campaigned by herself the other by the late Miss Gregory.

By the mid sixties the Club Membership dropped to only a small number of loyal supporters, this mainly due to the passing of many of the Founder Members with no exhibitions and only a few pet owners that could be identified in Scotland.  The records show that at the AGM on 11th June 1965 only four Members were present.

Mrs M Wood and her late husband kept the Club going through the lean years, something we must be forever grateful for.  The fortunes of the Club changed dramatically during the seventies, new Members were coming forward and the Club moved on towards the eighties.  The Club was granted Championship status in 1981, the year of our thirtieth birthday and has enjoyed this priviledge from the Kennel Club since.

In recent years both Mr & Mrs Connor (Inchlee) and James Finlay (Gilderoak) have bred and made up two Champions.  Mr & Mrs Potts, Mr & Mrs Mercer & Mr & Mrs Mackenzie have also made up Scottish bred Champions bred by (Scott, Corrigan and Kirkwood respectively).  A number of Scottish bred dogs have over the years won CC's only to be denied the vital third ticket. Presently a number of  relatively new exhibitors and breeders are sitting on one or two CC's so hopefully they will be made up soon.