The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland
Open Show Critique 2018

I was delighted to have been invited to judge at this club show held in the lovely setting of Alva on a sunny April day. My thanks to all the exhibitors who chose to entrust me with their dogs and support the club. As we all know, type is rather varied in the breed, but I was very happy with my eventual winners who had the cobbiness, attitude and head qualities that make our breed what it is.

Veteran D/B (7, 2): 1. Potts’ CH Samaranda Sorcerer to Adreeam ShCM – B/R male of lovely size, cobby with a good ribcage, square with a short loin, level topline. Attractive head with lovely eye, good earset and small ears which are carried correctly, good chin and nose placement. Lay of shoulder and rear angulation are good enough to give him a balanced movement. Presented in good harsh coat which has the best of colour. Delighted to award him BD, BIS & BVIS.  2.  Smith & Coppola’s Gilderoak By Royal Command at Grajenco – R/S which has it all, except the substance right now. Good head with round eye, correct earset, good underjaw and correct nose length and placement. Body is square with level topline and correct tailset. 3. Davidson’s Aptrick Ithil

PD (1, 0): 1. Burke’s Balthazar Calendar Boy – 9m/o R/R boy who has a correct round dark eye, good earset & carriage, correct bite, good wide open nostrils. Still looks a bit tall on his legs at this stage. Topline is level and tail set is high, although carries it a little tightly. Presented to advantage, moved ok around the ring, although would prefer a better lay of shoulder and more rear angulation.

JD (1, 0): 1. Finlay & Kirkwood’s Rhodon Sunday Best at Marisk – R/S, absolutely square, good development of chest for age, good angulation, level topline, good taiset although carriage is a little tight. Correct earset, good round eye, good underjaw and correct bite, would prefer slightly wider muzzle. Coat is of good texture & of rich colour. Still needs a little more body to complete the overall picture, but no doubt this will come.

GD (1, 0): 1. Finlay & Kirkwood’s Rhodon Sunday Best at Marisk

PGD (1, 0): 1.MacKay’s Feigusch Call Me Nicolaus at Osthaen – R/R presenting a correct square outline, head fairly large, good round dark eyes, good large open nostrils, correct width and shape of underjaw, very alert. Still looks like he needs more time to mature, would like more width of chest and has a tendency to high step on the move.

LD (2, 0): 1.MacKenzie’s Grajenco Oliver – R/R with a fairly large head, good round eye, although a slight darker shade would help, nose pad is wide, good underjaw. Good ribcage, angulation is ok, croup has a tendency to fall away a bit. Coat colour is OK. 2. Murray’s Beauview Special Delivery – B&T with a good head, good eye, correct earset & size. Level topline and good tailset. Moved well. Unfortunately not entire.

OD (1,0): 1. Finlay’s Grajenco Billy Elliot at Gilderoak – R/R square male with a good coat texture and clear colour. Skull could be a little wider, but good nosepad with open nostrils, good eye shape & colour, correct undershaw, ears are a little large and not carried. Level topline and good tailset, but needs a little more width of ribcage and substance throughout.

VB (2,1): 1.  Kirkwood’s Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only – R/R bitch with good square outline, level topline, good tailset with the perfect carriage on the move. Good nose pad, good underjaw, the ears are a little big. Would prefer more width of chest and depth of ribcage. Good coat texture & colour.

PB (1,0): 1. Mackay’s Osthaen Storm In A Teacup – R/S presenting a correct outline, chest already deep enough for age, good neck, correct lay of shoulders. Good round dark eyes, correct earset & size, lovely black mask giving the most appealing expression, good turn up of underjaw, although would like slightly more width. Moved well on good tight cat feet. BPIS

NB (2,0): 1. Mackay’s Daisy Delightful Diva at Osthaen – B&T/S, very active girl, lovely tan markings on head, good round dark eye, good ear set and carries them well when she chooses to, good width of underjaw and turn up. A little long in loin and too much tuck-up, good lay of shoulders and straight front, rear could be stronger. Moved a little erratically today.  

PGB (2, 0): 1. Davidson’s Tantori Tickled Pink – R/S of good rich colour, good shape, level topline held on the move with a correct tailset & carriage, good dark round eye, correct earset & carriage, although ears are a little large. Moved well. 2. MacKay’s Osthaen Maleficent – R/R with good body, correct coat texture, level topline, tail is a little tight. Good skull width & earset, a little too short in muzzle. Moved well but was a little sensitive on the table.

LB (3,1): 1. Mackenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It -B&T rough, lovely cobby body, good colour, typical head, good round dark eyes, good earset & carriage, good width of underjaw, good fill under the eyes. Overall, she is quite well constructed & has ample depth and width of chest, she is certainly cobby. Was let down on the day by the fact her topline is quite soft and her tailset could be higher and with better carriage, which ended up distracting from the overall picture when she met the eventual BB in the colour class later on.  2. Smith & Coppola’s Tantori Tutti Frutti – R/R with lovely eye and correct nose placement, good open nostrils, lovely width and turn up of chin, good earset. A little narrow throughout and would like the ribcage to be deeper with less tuck-up. Presented in lovely jacket, which had a perfect texture. Had a slight tendency to high step a little on the move.

OB (2,0): 1. Kirkwood’s Grajenco Miss Saigon – R/R bitch made of a larger frame than her competitor in this class, correct level topline, good spring of ribs, chest depth is good enough. Good head with an attractive round eye, lovely underjaw & correct bite, correct width of muzzle with good open nostrils, good width of skull, ears are a little large which spoils the expression a little. Good on the move with correct tail carriage and correct coat texture. RBB 2. Potts’s Cicely Confederate – R/S of rich colour, smaller than 1st but still cobby, level topline, correct tailset, head  is attractive enough with good dark eyes, good earset & carriage. Breathing a little heavily today. 

S/ Open Smooth D/B (2, 0): 1. Murray’s Grajenco Royal Male with Murroch – Lovely square outline on this R/S of good substance with a fairly large head. Good earset & carriage, good round eye, correct nose pad, good width of underjaw, although missing a few teeth. Would like a little more neck to complete the picture. Moved well and carried tail correctly. RBD. 2. Duncan’s Liamford Check Mate – R/S not very confident unfortunately, a little taller than 1, but remains square, good body, good neck line, correct front angulation. Would like a little more width of muzzle, good underjaw, would prefer darker pigment on nose and falls a little under the eyes.

S/ Open Red Rough D/B (2, 0): 1. MacKenzie’s Grajenco Oliver - 2. Finlay’s Grajenco Billy Elliot at Gilderoak

S/ Open Black D/B (1, 0): 1. Potts’ Adreeam Black Magic ShCM – B/R male, who is cobby & has a short loin, tailset is OK and tail is carried well. Gleaming black harsh coat, presented in correct trim, good head with small neat ears, good underjaw, good width of skull. Good width and depth of chest. A little short in upper-arm which affects the front movement. A typical dog, small but sturdy. 

S/ Open Black & Tan D/B (3, 0): 1. MacKay’s Beauview Thunder Thighs – a very attentive B&T/S girl, with cobby body, level topline & correct tailset & carriage, she has good substance throughout, her neck flows into a good lay of shoulder and she has moderate rear angulation. Good skull size, being fairly large in proportion to body, lovely chin giving that typical expression, good round eyes, correct earset. BB & RBIS. 2. MacKenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It.  3. Murray’s Beauview Special Delivery 

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