The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland Championship Show. 22nd October 2017 Special Award Classes Critique.

Thank you to the officers and committee for the opportunity to judge the special award classes and to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and great sportsmanship. Also my stewards who looked after me so well. A very friendly and well run show with a brilliant atmosphere and lots of fun. It was a privilege to be invited. 
Special Award class - Jnr. 5 (1)
1st. Stormjack Spooktacular Night. D. Owned by J.Conway. Br. Owner. This 13mth old Black Rough dog caught my eye on the move and didn't disappoint on the table. Lovely round head with dark eye and correct nose placement. Nice turn up to jaw giving him a cheeky expression. Straight front with enough bone and level top line, good turn of stifle all topped off with a good jacket. Happy to award him first in a nice class.  
2nd. Rhodon Sunday Best at Marisa. D. Owned by Mr. J. Finlay & Mr. G. Kirkwood. Br. Spittle. 10mth old Red Smooth dog with a good head and lovely eye. Good layback on nose with a nice turn up of jaw giving him the correct expression. Level top line, nice and square with good bone  finished with correct coat. Moved out and back smartly. Just lost out on maturity.  
3rd Harpersband Family Based Shevilan. D. Owned by Mrs. O. Baranova. Br. Owner.
The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland Championship Show. 22nd October 2017 Special Award Classes Critique.

Special Award class -OD. 8 (3)
1st. Ch. Samaranda's Sorceror to Adreeam. SHCM. D. Owned by Mr. R. & Mrs. J. Potts. Br. Scott. This 7yr old Black Rough dog shows himself to great advantage. Moved out sound and true and on the stand gives a beautiful outline. Square, Cobby and of correct size and coat, he was well presented. Lovely head with neat small ears. Dark round eye, correct nose placement with wide open nares and correct turn up all contribute to his lovely expression. Well laid shoulders lead into a level topline and good front assembly. Well muscled hind quarters and good turn of stifle contribute to his sound movement. A pleasure to go over and award him first.
2nd. Granjenco Oliver. D. Owned by Mr. K. & Mrs. C. Mackenzie. Br. Kirkwood 2yr old Red Rough, who though on the larger side, presented as square with good body. Beautiful head and expression with a generous beard. Lovely round dark eye, correct nose placement and turn up to jaw contributed to his expression. Straight front with good width of chest and rib under a level topline with correct harsh coat. Strong hind quarters with good muscle. Moved well with purpose.
3rd. Grajenco Royal Male with Murroch. D. Owned by J. G. Murray. Br. Kirkwood.

Special Award class - OB. 7 (1)
1st. Ch Flirt Alert Unlimited at Stormjac. B. Owned by J. Conway. Br. Krog
This 21/2 yr old Black Rough bitch is so feminine and full of breed type. She has a beautiful outline when stood which is maintained on the move. Whilst her super head is enhanced by neat ears, large dark eyes, correct lay back of nose and turn up of jaw giving a sweet, quizzical expression. Good front assembly ending in neat paws, level top line, well bodied with plenty of bone, nice tail set and hind quarters all beneath a correct coat. Showed well from start to finish and demanded attention.
2nd Grajenco Miss Saigon. B. Owned by Mr. G. Kirkwood. Br. Owner. A Red Rough 2yr old bitch with lots to offer. Another feminine bitch with a lovely head piece, good expression beautifully shown with her keen interest in all that was going on. Bright dark eyes set off by her well placed nose and upturned jaw. Well laid shoulders, good bone and rib giving a good depth of chest. Nice outline and cobby body. Sound hind quarters which gave her sufficient drive to move around the ring with ease. Was a close decision.
3rd Beauview Thunder Thighs. B. Owned by Mr. G.& Mrs. P. Mackay. Br. Ogden.

Susan Hann